Terms & Conditions

Made-To-Order Cakes and Cookies


Order Placing

We specialize in sculpted cakes which usually take a long time to produce as details are taken into consideration. We would like to give our best in every cake that we make for our customers and make sure that the cakes are completed in time for your day of event/celebration.  As such, time is very important for crafting and drying. Booking in advance is required.


Ordering Lead Time

For online orders through our website, 4 days is the standard lead-time.  For bulk orders or should you require your order earlier, please contact any of our store branches near you or through our hotline.

Made-To-Order Cakes:

A.       Catalog Cakes

These are designs available in the catalog.  Requests for color changes are possible without additional charge.  However, any request for a change in design will convert the cake into a Customized Design and may be subject to additional charges, eg. Changing the cake character’s face to caricature, use of edible or non-edible pictures, add-on designs, etc.

B.       Customized Design

For customized cakes, the customer is required to provide reference images or pictures of their cake design and details to be added, omitted or changed in the provided material/s (images/pictures).  Customers can ask our Sales Consultant for some ideas and suggestions for their cake design.

C.       Photo Cakes or Cakes with Pictures

Personalize your cake with your own photo or artwork.  A high-resolution image ( at least 300dp) is recommended for the best output.

Payment Terms

A.       For cakes ordered and to be collected at the same store outlet:

Full payment upon placement of order or at least a minimum of 50% cash deposit and balance upon cake collection. 

B.       For cakes ordered from a store and to be collected at another store outlet:

Payment should be made in full at the ordering store or through bank deposit prior to collection.

C.       For cake deliveries:

Cake orders should be paid in full upon placement of an order or fully settled at least a day before the delivery date.  For Delivery and Handling Charges, kindly approach our Sales Consultants.


We have a lot of cake deliveries on a daily basis and punctuality are of utmost importance to us.  We do our best to deliver on time.   In line with this, we require that the customer or his/her representative be available at the delivery venue during the period of delivery.  Please provide us with the contact name and number of the authorized person to receive the order at the delivery place.  Should the authorized person cannot be contacted nor is present to receive the delivery, we will advise him/her through a text message that the cake has arrived.  If within thirty (30) minutes, there is no advisory or instruction received, the cake will be forwarded to the nearest Kink Cakes store outlet for customer’s collection.  Delivery Charges are non-refundable.


Changes on Ordered Cake

Changes in design, flavor, size, and pick-up or delivery date made 4 days prior to collection/delivery date is accepted.  Additional charges may apply.


Cancellation Policy

Orders can be canceled within 5 days before claim/delivery date with a 20% cancellation fee.  Requests for cancellation less than 7 days are not acceptable.  However, the order can be put on hold depending on the production status.  Ex. If the cake is done or already in production, it can be put on hold 1 to 3 days, otherwise if not yet started, it can be rescheduled up to 1 year.

Customer or authorized person (with authorization letter) must visit our store for any cancellation.  Phone calls will not be honored.


Refund Policy

A refund may be granted on a case to case basis upon review.


Disclaimer:  The order is produced according to specifications made in the Job Order. The customer's signature or confirmation of details therein and/ or any down payment is given, signify acceptance of the Job Order. Orders are made entirely by hand. The company cannot assure the exact color or image likeness of every cake design.